Divi gives you two options to edit your website in. The standard block editor and the front end visual builder. Both allow you to build the exactly same types of websites with the same material but with different interfaces. The standard block editor is accessed through the pages on WordPress and replaces the classic WordPress editor with Divi. Below is an image of the block editor within the WordPress Screen.

Block Editor


The front end visual builder allows you to build and edit your websites right on the page. A new experience from Divi that allows you to edit the website much quicker and easier. Without having to find the corrected block, you can now scroll through the front end and edit on the go. You can see it all happen right away so you are not wondering what it looks like after you save.

You have to be logged into your website to see the “Enable Visual Builder” – Once you find the page you want to edit, you can click on Enable Visual Builder from the top of the screen. This will switch you into editing the website visually. Now you can hover over any section, row or module and click on the cog settings icon to access the elements content, design and advanced tabs. Below is an image of us visually updating our website.

When I set up new websites for clients or update existing websites in Divi, I always use the Visual Builder to make all my edits. It’s visually easier for me to help train and show clients what they are editing so nobody has to second guess themselves. I also turn off the older experience as it causes confusion with some people.