We value your business and work hard to continue earning it, every day. We provide hourly billing services as well as quotes for new websites and other projects. Any travel time to and from a client’s workplace will be billed our normal rate.

Our Hourly Rate

$50 per hour

We charge $50 per hour and bill in ten (10) minute increments. If you need a hand with updating content on your website, social media platform or if you have a technical question, we are always happy to help!

*If you send us material to update your website and it only takes us 10 minutes to complete, you are only being billed for that time spent updating your website. We then record the time and tally it up at the end of the month.

Bayfield Designs will spend up to 30 minutes discussing the project with you at no cost. Then I will send you a formal quote that you have 90 days to agree to. After 90 days, you will have to get in contact for a new quote.

Additional work beyond your quote will completed once the client confirms the additional cost. We do not like to work beyond the proposed quote without the client’s request.

Down Deposit

25% Deposit

New clients (those without a track record of working with Bayfield Designs or Simply Ducky Designs) who do not have a reference from an existing or past client may be required to make a 25% deposit on any project quote provided. You will be notified before hand if you are required to put down a deposit.

*All deposits are nonrefundable. If you pay the 25% and decide to not work with Bayfield Designs, you will not be refunded.

All work will be billed in Canadian Dollars (CAD).