Divi Sections are the main building block in the Divi Builder. Sections group all your content into visually nice areas. Everything you build with will start with a section. Treat the section as the background of the page that can be used to do different things with the design tab. Below I will go over what sections Divi has and what they mean and do for you.

Once you have enabled the visual builder for your website, you will want to click on the blue plus button to add a new section to your page. Once you click on the pop up, you will see three colored boxes. One for Standard (Blue), Specialty (Red with a little bit or orange ) and Fullwidth (purple).

The Standard Section is the regular page section for Divi. When you create a new page within Divi, you start off with a standard section. The standard section will always be in the blue color. You can add over 20 different row structure and each one has a different column layout. Once you choose the column layout, you will be able to add in your modules.

The Specialty Section is designed for special purposes. Everything in the orange represents a specialty section. This is best for magazines, online blogs or online stores with lots of features. There are not as many row layouts to choose from but depending on what you are using it on, then it may work just fine.

The last one is the Fullwidth Section. This has no rows to add, you can only add modules to this section. With 9 different modules to choose from, you can have stunning fullwidth images, maps, portfolios, sliders, etc. The fullwidth section takes advantage of the full width of the browser. Fullwidth modules can only be placed within Fullwidth sections.

To delete an existing section on your website page, you can simply hover your mouse over the section you want to delete and click the trash can icon.

This is just an overview of the sections, I will go more in-depth of each section in another issue!